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China Leading’s Sheet Metal Fabrication Manufacturer Since 2007
Optimize your sheet metal designs with Masion Providing DFM (Design for Manufacturing) Service for Effective Production.
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Vertical Production
We offer in-house production for every kind of process for sheet metals, including punching, bending, welding, riveting, plastic injection, surface finish, assembly, and more.
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Over 400+ Employees

400+ Employees Area

7+ Million Production Capacity

Produces more than 7 million sheet metal parts

30,000 m3 Total Factory

30,000 m3 Total Factory


We Are Experts In Sheet Metal Fabrication

Masion – Your One-Stop Vertical Integration In-house sheet metal fabricator in China

Masion provides vertical in-house integration sheet metal fabrication production in Ningbo,  China. All the processes are in-house. These processes include in our facilities are square tube cutting, sheet metal laser cutting, high-speed stamping, NCT CNC punching, sheet metal bending, metal tubes and pipe bending, robotic welding, riveting, plastic injection, assembly, powder coating, silk screening, polishing, and more. Hence, we cater to every process with care and expertise. Moreover, we produce metal cabinets, automatic lifting tables, automotive sheet metal parts, metal tubes, pipes, and plastic integration parts. We strictly follow ISO16949 production standards. Masion has a team of 15 R&D engineers, 20 professional mold engineers, and 7 manufacturing engineers. These engineers are masters of their domains and give high-quality products using efficient and advanced production processes. 

We’re not stopping having well-experienced employees. We are also using advanced equipment for steel metal manufacturing. These include NCT turret punching machines (AMADA), YASKAWA / FANUC / PANASONIC welding robots, HSG Laser Cutting, Haitian plastic injection machines, along with professional testing equipment i.e. Hexagon GLOBAL SILVER CMM.

Aligned Supply Chain Control

Aligned Supply Chain Control

Unmatched Transparency

Unmatched Transparency

Optimized Cost Control

Optimized Cost Control

Faster Delivery Rates

Faster Delivery Rates

What We Offer

Masion provides a range of sheet metal processes. These include sheet metal manufacturing, metal pipe processing, and plastic component assembly. We use advanced methods to give customized services for any complex project.

Sheet Metal Processing

Sheet Metal Processing

Masion uses advanced techniques to increase efficiency and material loading. We are employing Robotic Arms, and automatic welding to reduce the costs and improve the overall precision of sheet metal components.

Metal Pipe Processing

We are expert manufacturers of square, irregular shapes, or round tubes. Our facility is equipped with laser cutting technology and efficient bending machines,which provide accurately manufactured metal pipes based on the customer’s requirement.

laser cutting

Laser Cutting

We provide laser-cutting services to a wide range of materials, i.e. metal sheets or pipes. This technology helps us cut materials like Aluminium, copper, carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, and titanium alloys to suit to your any need.

Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

If you need proper sheet metal drawings or minor design adjustments, we’re here to cater to your needs. We improve overall production efficiency along with the short delivery times at lower cost.

Stamping Forming

Stamping Forming

We are using advanced robotic feeding and punching technologies. Moreover, we have NCT Turret punching machines (AMADA). These help us in sheet metal blanking and punching. 

Plastic Injection

Plastic Injection

We offer plastic injection services for producing components in sheet metal manufacturing assembly. It helps us to save time and costs for delivery. We also provide  insert molding and over-molding

Stamping Die Processing

Stamping Die Processing

We have a team of 20 technicians to help us produce the most precise and accurate stamping molds. They are specialized in designing and manufacturing progressive dies, single dies, and compound dies.

sheet metal Assembly

Sheet Metal Assembly

Our facility has around 6 professional assembly production lines. These lines can assemble products including pipes, plastic components, and sheet metal parts.

Progressive Die Stamping

Progressive Die Stamping

We provide a variety of progressive die stamping parts processing services, with advanced presses and self-designed and manufactured Progressive Die.

We’re an Excellent Fabricator of Customized Sheet Metal Components

Masion is an exceptionally outstanding professional manufacturer of sheet metal components. We use specialized equipment for sheet metal fabrication. Additionally, we’ve extensive experience in serving major sheet metal projects. Our team is a blend of mature engineers with years of sheet metal processing expertise and technician staff. We specialize in various advanced sheet metal processing techniques such as laser cutting and sheet metal bending. We have served over 4000 clients, providing a wide range of complex sheet metal components. So, if you’re looking for a sheet metal processing factory, we’re here. We can assist you with design concepts to produce real products. We assure you receive the best possible service at every step.

Count On Us For Your All Kind Of Needs

motorized standing desk

Electric Standing Desk

Our products provide a convenient and smooth experience for learning and office use. They’re designed using principles, sheet metal tubing, wood board processing, 47 patents, and automatic height adjustments.

Kiosk Enclosure

Kiosk Enclosure

We are providing different types of kiosk exclusions. These may include wall-mounted, freestanding, desktop models and customization options for different shapes. So you can meet the diverse needs. You can get any type you want.

x-ray cabinets&enclosure

X-ray Cabinets & Enclosure

We make customized exchange enclosures with different shapes and sizes. They may feature internal powder coating, robust corrosion resistance, and rust-proof exteriors. Moreover, they could be used in train stations, airports, bus terminals, and more.

Electrical Panel Enclosure

Electrical Panel Enclosure

We are providing a customized electrical panel enclosure. These panels are available in different shapes. They feature an IP68 waterproof rating, corrosion resistance, and rust-proof properties. So, it makes them suitable for outdoor use. Thier feature loaded aspect make them highly desireable.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

EV Charging Station

We are providing customization of various types of charging station enclosures. This may include integrated cabinets. They are available in 7KW, 14KW and 21KW models. They are integrated with the IP56 rating. So, they are suitable for charging in different environments.

Gun Safe

Gun Safe

We provide customized gun safes of different shapes. They are available in military greens, navy blue, and other colour options. Moreover, we integrate smart control management systems. So, they can manage firearms, ammunition and military gear. 

Industrial computer cabinet

Industrial Computer Cabinet

Masion provides customized industrial computer cabinets. They come in various sizes with the powder coating. Moreover, they have multiple functions like dustproof, corrosion resistance, Explosion-proof, Shockproof waterproof, magnetic-resistant and anti-theft capabilities.

Computer charging cabinet

Computer Charging Cabinet

We’re experts in customized computer charging cabinets. They come in various shapes, sizes and colours. Our cabinets are designed to charge devices like tablets, and smartphones. So, it makes them suitable for use in schools, hospitals, libraries and other settings.

Computer case

Computer Case

We provide customized computer cases of various shapes. So, they can meet the demands of enthusiasts. They have a cool appearance, lightweight aluminium, and various colour anodizing options. Apart from this these cases withstand rough and tough usage.


Energy Storage Cabinet

We are providing energy storage cabinets. They come up with an IP68 waterproof rating. Moreover, they feature a highly corrosion-resistant surface treatment. `They also withstand over 1000 hours of Salt spray test. So, they are suitable for outdoors. 

power cabinet

Power Cabinet

Masion provides customized types of power cabinet enclosures. They are sturdy casing and have better surface treatment. Moreover, they’ve multiple features like corrosion resistance, rust prevention and waterproofing.

Server cabinet enclosure

Server Cabinet Enclosure

We are providing customized server cabinets. They come in various sizes and colours. Their surfaces are powder-coated and they feature silk-screened logos. So, it ensures that they are excellent corrosion resistant and have an attractive appearance.

Defibrillator Cabinet

AED Cabinet

We are providing customization of AED standing cabinets and AED wall cabinets. They are available in different sizes, shapes and appearances. Moreover, they are of high quality with excellent waterproof and corrosion-resistant performance.

First aid cabinets

First aid cabinets

We are providing customized first aid cabinets. They come in various metals and are available in different shapes, such as portable freestanding and wall-mounted. Moreover, they’re good for schools, hospitals, homes and other environments.

metal mailbox

Metal Mailbox/Parcel Box

We are providing customized metal mailboxes and parcels. They’re available in different shapes and sizes with different capacities. Moreover, they are powder-coated surface treatments. It boosts an attractive appearance and suitable for outdoor. 

Machine Enclosure

Machine Enclosure

We’re experts in customized enclosures for various equipment. They may include CNC machines, refrigeration units, etc. These machines are powder-coated. Additionally, they are available in a variety of colours with high corrosion and rust resistance.

fire cabinet

Fire Cabinet

We are providing customized fire cabinets. They also come in different shapes, materials and colours. These are more suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Moreover, our products are highly aesthetics and surface treated.

metal pop dispaly

Metal POP Display

Masion is also providing customized types of metal pop displays. They come in different styles. It may include, Mobile freestanding wall-mounted, tabletop designs, and more. They are powder-coated and corrosion-resistant.

tool cabinet

Tool Cabinet

Our tool cabinets are customized. They can be available in different styles like wall-mounted, upright, and portable options. Moreover, they provide a storage solution for your tools. So, they are available in various vibrant colours. They have high-quality powder-coated surfaces. So, our Cabinets are designed for long-term use without rusting.

Medical enclosure

Medical Enclosure

We are also providing customized high-quality medical equipment enclosures. They assist the clients in the design and development of corrosion-resistant surface treatments. Moreover, they are available in a range of colour coatings. So, we make sure you receive top-quality medical equipment enclosures.

Metal storage Cabinets

Metal Storage Cabinets

We are providing customized types of metal storage cabinets. They may include filing cabinets, lockers, safety cabinets, archive cabinets, key cabinets, etc. Moreover, we also provide customized solutions in various colours and shapes. They are complete with all the necessary accessories. So, you just need to receive the finished product and use it directly.

We’re Leading the way in Sheet Metal Fabrication Please share your idea with us.

Why Choose Us?

Advanced Robot Technology

Advanced Robot Technology

We are using robotic welding and automotive feeding. These technologies are used to increase the efficiency of sheet metal processing. Moreover, it improves the precision of sheet metal components. It concurrently reduces production costs.

24_7 Technical Support

24/7 Technical Support

Masion’s team guarantees prompt responses to all your demands. Our professional technical support team assists you 24/7 with any inquiry or challenges you may encounter with your sheet metal project.

Vertical Integration Production

Vertical Integration Production

We are using vertical integration to manage our production processes. It ensures that all sheet metal manufacturing processes are carried out internally. So, this reduces transfer time between production stages. It shortens production cycles. Moreover, it minimizes the risk of product damage during transfer processes.

DFM Design Service

DFM Design Service

We provide designs for manufacturing to assist you in sheet metal production. Moreover, we facilitate your production processes. It reduces your production time and lowers the manufacturing cost.

ISO9001 and ISO16949 Certified Factory

ISO9001 and ISO16949 Certified Factory

We strictly follow quality management systems. So, we can control the quality of sheet metal components. It helps us to deliver high-quality and high-efficiency sheet metal components.

Rapid Turnaround Time

Rapid Turnaround Time

We can optimize your sheet metal design drawings and arrange sample productions. So, it shortens the validation cycle of your project and prepares it adequately for market development.

Robust ERP Management System

Robust ERP Management System

We are using powerful ERP management systems internally. It helps us control supply chain management and internal production processes. Moreover, the system effectively tracks the sheet metal production order plans. It ensures the timely completion of your project’s batch production.

Competitive Cost

Competitive Cost

We’re good at our jobs. So, we understand how to avoid material waste and reduce production processes. We are using vertical integration production. As a result, we can provide you with the highest-cost performance sheet metal components.

Advanced Sheet Metal Processing Equipment

Advanced Sheet Metal Processing Equipment

Our facility is equipped with advanced sheet metal processing equipment. They may include Japanese-imported NCT turret punches (AMADA), High-speed punch presses, laser cutting machines, bending machines, and metal pipe bending machines. These machines help us to meet various project requirements for sheet metal processing.

On-Time Delivery

On-Time Delivery

We have years of experience at advantages in sheet metal production. So, it makes us schedule sheet metal production promptly. We can deliver goods on time. So, your project remains unaffected.

A Contract Manufacturer You Can Trust

Sheet Metal Fabrication Technology Details

Our Quality Control

At Masion, our professional quality team consists of 14 members. They include 1 Quality Manager, 2 Quality Engineers, and 11 Inspectors. We strictly adhere to ISO9001 and ISO16949 quality control technical standards. Our processes include processing, inspection, material checks, defective and handling, shipment, and packaging, all are documented for traceability. These documents may include material incoming inspection, sheet processing inspection, process audits, equipment checks, final inspection ports, etc.

● Material Inspection Qualification Report
● First Sample Inspection Report
● First Sample Confirmation Label
● Process Inspection Inspection Report
● Non-Conforming Product Handling Report
● Process Capability Analysis Report
● Measurement Equipment Calibration Records
● Sample Retention Records
● Statistical Analysis Report
● Error Prevention Report

Quality Control Documents

Sheet Metal Concept

Trusted By Our Clients

Masion serves over 4000 customers in more than 30 countries worldwide. So, no matter if you have a large or a small sheet metal project. No matter, what’s your company size. You can contact us. We will provide the same level of services to all our customers for Sheet Metal fabrication.

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrications Industries

With 17 years of experience in sheet metal manufacturing and vertical management, Masion can provide a one-stop solution for sheet manufacturing. These may include metal tubes, pipe processing and assembly, plastic injection, high-speed stamping, and surface treatment for all clients across various industries globally. Moreover, we offer professional designs for manufacturability DMF, rapid sheet metal processing and large-scale production capabilities.

  • Aerospace and Defense Industry
  • Optical Communication Industry
  • Industrial Automation
  • Electronics Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Medical Industry
  • New Energy Industry
  • Power Industry
  • Robotics Industry
  • Construction Industry


Aluminum sheet metal fabrication converts long sheets into specific shape. So, in this article, we will give you a complete guide to this process and its demands in the manufacturing industry.

You can learn some tips for sheet metal design from this article. Understand the need, importance, and why the sheet metal design is crucial to play a key role in diverse industries. 

This guide allows you to create good sheet metal parts. We will start with the basics then discuss design best practices. Sounds exciting? Let’s delve in deeper to uncover facts.


We are specifically a professional sheet metal manufacturing factory. It is in Ningbo Zhejiang, China. We are experts in custom designs, prototypes, manufacturing, and sheet metal processing. Moreover, we are certified with etc. and we are a genuine one-stop service provider and technical support for sheet metal production.
Our factory has vertical. management system. So, all the processes are carried out internally.

We are a trustworthy sheet metal processing factory. First of all, at the beginning of cooperating on our new project, we sign a confidentiality agreement with the customer. In this case, we encrypt all the data. It includes emails or personal info, within our company. No engineer can copy sheet metal data and email drawings, or any information. We have specialized access control and non-technical personnel cannot access the sheet data. We regularly back up the sheet data and upload it to the cloud database. It helps us prevent data loss due to computer damage. For our self-developed sheet metal products, we show protect intellectual property rights and apply for patents. Over 47 patents are the best proof of it.

If you have a good creative idea, you can tell us directly. We will help you with sheet metal design. Our design development department is proficient in mainstream software such as Autocad, UG, Solidworks, 3D Max, Catia, PTC, Creo (ProE), etc. These can quickly help us design our creativity and reduce production times. Moreover, we will provide you with product optimization solutions.

We are taking multiple measures to ensure the quality of sheet metal parts. These may include;

  1. Materials: The materials we are using generally have a traceability record. It has a specific QR code. It helps us to get the correct material specifications, dimensions and model numbers. So, if any issues are formed, they can be traced and terminated through a QR code.
  2. Equipment: We are using advanced equipment. They help us with high precision and efficiency of sheet metal production.
  3. Inspection: We thoroughly inspect our processes. This may include materials inspection, first article inspection, process mechanical inspection, process quality inspector patrol inspection, assembly inspection, surface inspection, packaging Inspection, etc.
  4. Employee Training: We believe in continuous learning. So, our operators undergo training before operating equipment. Many key positions of operation mechanics have long-term experience in sheet metal processing. So, we can say that high-quality sheet metal parts are delivered to you.
  5. ISO16949, ISO9001 Quality Management Standards: We have displayed our workstation process cards and pictures of defective products. Moreover, every sheet metal processing process strictly follows quality management systems. So, you can say, we are providing high-quality products.

We are using different payment terms, i.e. T/T, PayPal, and other payment methods specified by the customers. However, we can estimate the mutually acceptable payment terms via negotiation.

Absolutely yes, we provide all the relevant documentation. Masion is an ISO16949 certified company. We provide a complete set of PPAP documentation for all types of automotive metal parts. These parts can be stamping, high-speed stamping, or laser cutting. Moreover, if you are not in the metal part industry, but you need PPAP-related documents, we will still provide you with them. These documents will include drawings, production processes, and inspection records.

Masion is fully incorporated with vertical integration management. We are using advanced technology, i.e. laser cutting, stamping, bending, high-speed stamping, riveting, welding, surface treatment, assembly, etc. We always perform our all processes inside the factory. So, if you compare our features and pricing with other industries. We are quite cost-effective for your metal parts needs. Maybe a few industries give you discounts. But they often cut corners on quality, or their product may lack after sale. Masion does not compromise on quality. We focus on process optimization. So, we cannot do that. However, if you have price inquiries, you can reach out. Our team will tell you the expected prices.

Masion is known for its quality and commitment. We believe in advanced equipment and modern facilities. So, our company serves you with both. We are using fast and accurate robotics technology. Moreover, we have well-experienced sheet metal processing mechanics and masters of stamping die. We are strictly following the ISO16949 quality management system. These all features make us different and help us to stand in the market.

We take a minimum order of 1 piece. But it’s just a minimum value. You can choose to place multiple orders. If you need to validate the quality of the product, you can start with a one-piece order. Then go with the maximum orders you want. Masion will help you grow in the market. Moreover, weather your parts are small, large, single or in bulk quantity, we value your every requirement and deal with the project fairly.

We strictly follow ISO16949 quality standards. So, we initially design a plan, arrange the required materials in advance, and schedule our production. Moreover, we use a powerful and fully integrated ERP management system. It helps us track all the projects and productions. We record each process point time. This is the reason we always deliver projects on time and guarantee it for the future.

We are a professional sheet metal manufacturer. We have years of experience in sheet metal processing. Besides this, we are experts in CNC machining, aluminium extrusion processing, plastic injection, stamping dies manufacturing, sheet metal assembly, and other processing services.

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