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Talent is the cornerstone of enterprise development, and we have built an elite team in sheet metal technology with strong technical capabilities, high-level research and development expertise, and extensive practical experience. Our team comprises diverse talents specializing in sheet metal product development, structural design, mold electronics, and more. With 100% of our research and development team holding bachelor’s degrees or higher, we drive high-quality delivery of sheet metal projects, providing comprehensive empowerment for enterprise development.

All engineers graduate from a reputable university with a degree in engineering, materials science, mechanical design, or related fields, possessing extensive experience in sheet metal research and development. They are proficient in the use of software such as AutoCAD, UG, or Solid Works for simulation analysis and material selection. They specializes in designing sheet metal components, stamping dies, electronic structures, metal pipe assembly structures, lifting table structures, etc., capable of handling various complex sheet metal and metal pipe designs. You can confidently entrust your projects to us.

Research and Development Engineer

All engineers graduate from a reputable university with a degree in manufacturing engineering technology, industrial engineering technology, or related fields.They are proficient in AUTOCAD, CAXA, and 3D software such as UG. Responsible for planning sheet metal production schedules to enhance efficiency and reduce costs. Provides technical documents, training plans, and production procedures to the workshop for sheet metal components. Offers reference suggestions to designers in sheet metal design to assist in cost reduction and ensure quality. Maintains timely communication with workshop personnel regarding changes in sheet metal production processes and promptly addresses and corrects any improper operations. Improves ergonomics of sheet metal components by analyzing production processes, optimizing production workflows, and ensuring production safety.

Manufacturing Engineer

We have a team of 20 professional stamping die engineers and workers specialized in manufacturing various shapes and complex stamping dies, including progressive dies, compound dies, and single dies. They are familiar with the properties and processing techniques of various stamping die materials and proficient in operating CNC machining centers, wire cutting machines, EDM machines, milling machines, and other equipment to ensure high precision and quality of stamping dies. You can confidently entrust your precision stamping projects to us.

Stamping Die Engineer

We have a professional team of 14 inspectors specializing in sheet metal inspection. They strictly adhere to the ISO9001 and ISO16949 quality management systems and are familiar with quality management documents and standards such as inspection specifications, inspection checklists, and process documents. Their main responsibilities include conducting quality inspections on sheet metal components, such as visual inspection, dimension measurement, and functional testing. In the event of quality issues, they are tasked with identifying the root cause, analyzing the issue, proposing solutions, implementing corrective actions, and tracking their progress. Additionally, they are responsible for training and guiding new employees in sheet metal processing to cultivate a strong awareness of quality production. Finally, they compile and archive sheet metal quality inspection reports.So you could trust our sheet metal parts in good quality.

Quality Inspection Department

They are professional sheet metal assembly technician capable of quickly interpreting engineering drawings and proficient in using assembly tools such as electric screwdrivers, riveters, etc. They can complete the assembly production of sheet metal components according to drawings, process flows, and production plans. They are skilled in rapidly assembling items such as casters, door locks, and magnetic door catches. Additionally, they conduct visual inspections, including gantry inspections, paint finish checks, hole position inspections, etc.

Assembly Machinist

A professional sheet metal processing technician proficient in various processes including bending, laser cutting, metal pipe bending, welding, etc. They undergo specialized training to master equipment operation, quickly interpret production drawings, and follow sheet metal processing procedures and workflows according to production process sheets.

Skilled Technician

Office clerks graduates from university with the ability to independently handle tasks. They may serve in roles such as procurement officer, sales representative, order coordinator, document preparer, etc. Particularly, sales representatives excel in swiftly communicating with clients regarding various sheet metal processing matters, providing quotations, and liaising with the production department. This ensures prompt scheduling and delivery of your sheet metal orders.

Office Clerk

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