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We are specifically a professional sheet metal manufacturing factory. It is in Ningbo Zhejiang, China. We are experts in custom designs, prototypes, manufacturing, and sheet metal processing. Moreover, we are certified with etc. and we are a genuine one-stop service provider and technical support for sheet metal production.
Our factory has vertical. management system. So, all the processes are carried out internally.

We are a trustworthy sheet metal processing factory. First of all, at the beginning of cooperating on our new project, we sign a confidentiality agreement with the customer. In this case, we encrypt all the data. It includes emails or personal info, within our company. No engineer can copy sheet metal data and email drawings, or any information. We have specialized access control and non-technical personnel cannot access the sheet data. We regularly back up the sheet data and upload it to the cloud database. It helps us prevent data loss due to computer damage. For our self-developed sheet metal products, we show protect intellectual property rights and apply for patents. Over 47 patents are the best proof of it.

If you have a good creative idea, you can tell us directly. We will help you with sheet metal design. Our design development department is proficient in mainstream software such as Autocad, UG, Solidworks, 3D Max, Catia, PTC, Creo (ProE), etc. These can quickly help us design our creativity and reduce production times. Moreover, we will provide you with product optimization solutions.

We are taking multiple measures to ensure the quality of sheet metal parts. These may include;

  1. Materials: The materials we are using generally have a traceability record. It has a specific QR code. It helps us to get the correct material specifications, dimensions and model numbers. So, if any issues are formed, they can be traced and terminated through a QR code.
  2. Equipment: We are using advanced equipment. They help us with high precision and efficiency of sheet metal production.
  3. Inspection: We thoroughly inspect our processes. This may include materials inspection, first article inspection, process mechanical inspection, process quality inspector patrol inspection, assembly inspection, surface inspection, packaging Inspection, etc.
  4. Employee Training: We believe in continuous learning. So, our operators undergo training before operating equipment. Many key positions of operation mechanics have long-term experience in sheet metal processing. So, we can say that high-quality sheet metal parts are delivered to you.
  5. ISO16949, ISO9001 Quality Management Standards: We have displayed our workstation process cards and pictures of defective products. Moreover, every sheet metal processing process strictly follows quality management systems. So, you can say, we are providing high-quality products.

We are using different payment terms, i.e. T/T, PayPal, and other payment methods specified by the customers. However, we can estimate the mutually acceptable payment terms via negotiation.

Absolutely yes, we provide all the relevant documentation. Masion is an ISO16949 certified company. We provide a complete set of PPAP documentation for all types of automotive metal parts. These parts can be stamping, high-speed stamping, or laser cutting. Moreover, if you are not in the metal part industry, but you need PPAP-related documents, we will still provide you with them. These documents will include drawings, production processes, and inspection records.

Masion is fully incorporated with vertical integration management. We are using advanced technology, i.e. laser cutting, stamping, bending, high-speed stamping, riveting, welding, surface treatment, assembly, etc. We always perform our all processes inside the factory. So, if you compare our features and pricing with other industries. We are quite cost-effective for your metal parts needs. Maybe a few industries give you discounts. But they often cut corners on quality, or their product may lack after sale. Masion does not compromise on quality. We focus on process optimization. So, we cannot do that. However, if you have price inquiries, you can reach out. Our team will tell you the expected prices.

Masion is known for its quality and commitment. We believe in advanced equipment and modern facilities. So, our company serves you with both. We are using fast and accurate robotics technology. Moreover, we have well-experienced sheet metal processing mechanics and masters of stamping die. We are strictly following the ISO16949 quality management system. These all features make us different and help us to stand in the market.

We take a minimum order of 1 piece. But it’s just a minimum value. You can choose to place multiple orders. If you need to validate the quality of the product, you can start with a one-piece order. Then go with the maximum orders you want. Masion will help you grow in the market. Moreover, weather your parts are small, large, single or in bulk quantity, we value your every requirement and deal with the project fairly.

We strictly follow ISO16949 quality standards. So, we initially design a plan, arrange the required materials in advance, and schedule our production. Moreover, we use a powerful and fully integrated ERP management system. It helps us track all the projects and productions. We record each process point time. This is the reason we always deliver projects on time and guarantee it for the future.

We are a professional sheet metal manufacturer. We have years of experience in sheet metal processing. Besides this, we are experts in CNC machining, aluminium extrusion processing, plastic injection, stamping dies manufacturing, sheet metal assembly, and other processing services.

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